Welcome to JonasHouseboat in Amsterdam

JonasHouseboat is a home to the arts,the free thought, the uprising and the loving successful action and then some holding on and letting go…. We hope our guests can make a contribution to this atmosphere. No two days are the same in this place…. Some days are boring, others truly magnificent…. Life depends on YOU as much as on anyone… OK… So it`s a bed and brainfood…
SO WHAT?!… Aint to many of those around… Collect your Revelations and get your ass into JonasHouseboat… just Something out of the ordinary. X J.

P.S. All considered… JonasHouseboat is not expensive even for the low budget as I try to route everyone to the layer they need. Well connected to the underground and artistic layers of local life I am a switchboard saving you a bundle if nessesary and making you understand where the things you are looking for are located. ( or about something else if that’s required ) Furthermore conditions on the boat are made to keep life simple, store some, cook some or whatever…

And its increasingly comfortable so you can lose the feeling of needing to go anywhere.

However its not the cheap joint it used to be!
Value for money or not!

So as I do not like to lose the Ultraspecial LowBudgetarianGuests (ULBG'S) that hit the artistic nerve of my place I conjured up the SWAMPLOTUS TRAVELSUPPORTPROGRAM.



So Art in your vains but no dinero?

Send some portfolio to:


Who says payment should be in money?
All paper should be payper…

So Long… X J.